Blueberry Goat Cheese Salad



A simple, yet delicious salad- I’m in love with the combination of the slight sweetness of the fruit, with creamy goat cheese, and a light crunch of almonds

  • 1 pound of spinach (about 1 box or bag)
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1/3 cup sliced almonds
  • 2-3 ounces goat cheese, crumbled
  • 1 cucumber, peeled and diced
  • balsamic dressing (see here)

Toss spinach and cucumber in a large bowl, and lightly dress with balsamic dressing. Add blueberries, almonds, and goat cheese on top, and very lightly toss. It’s key to not add the blueberries and goat cheese before dressing the spinach, because otherwise they’ll break down and it’ll get messy quickly.

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