Nectarine-Tomato Salsa with Grilled Mahi Mahi


This “recipe” is seasonal food at its best- simple with a burst of flavors. Buy whatever looks freshest and/or tastes the best if you can sample!

Nectarine-Tomato Salsa
Serves 2 (large servings!)

  • 150g baby heirloom tomatoes (my guess is about 1 cup, sliced) (I used a combination of red and sungold), chopped

  • 100g nectarine, chopped (about 1 large nectarine worth)

  • large pinch sea salt

  • juice of 1 lime

  • pinch pepper

Serve with…

  • Mahi Mahi, grilled (I used previously frozen filets, defrosted and then grilled for about 2-3 minutes/side, until the thermometer registered 145 degrees)

  • Grilled Vegetables: We did asparagus and zucchini, seasoned with Old Bay, olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.

  • Baguette, Rice Pilaf, or Pita: We had some leftover millet, whole wheat, and spelt baguette from Seylou, a wholegrain bakery in DC that mills its own grains. Definitely recommend it!

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