Whip Cream with a Hint of…


I’ve made this many times and it’s just the best. It works just as well (if not better than) heavy whipping cream, and it doesn’t have a strong coconut flavor like you’d expect. The key here is to 1) make sure you put the coconut milk in the fridge first and 2) use full-fat coconut milk.

While I often have it just as is, you can easily spice this up with a variety of flavors and colors. See below for some options. The one above is a mix of raspberries and lavender, which gives it that beautiful hint of pink.

Coconut Whip Cream with a Hint of..

  • 1 can of coconut milk, full-fat and refrigerated for several hours

  • optional add-ins (choose 1-2- any more and it’s too much!)

    • 1 teaspoon orange juice + zest of 1 orange

    • 1 tablespoon fresh raspberries (about 6 or so)

    • dried/fresh lavender

    • sweetener of your choice

Place coconut milk in a small bowl and beat at medium-high with an electric mixer until coconut milk has the texture of a thick whipped cream. This will take about three minutes. Once it is quite thick, add in any additional flavors and stir in. Set aside.

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