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While counting down the days ’til summer, I was aching to start cooking and blogging. Problem was, I hadn’t done it in so long my inspiration was pretty dormant. Getting back into the swing of things would require some conscious effort. If you used to cook and are trying to get back into it, or have never really cooked much before and want to start, here are my suggestions on how to get started.

1. Wander around to get inspired. Find something that gets you excited or interested in cooking or eating well. It can be a blog, magazine, restaurant, farmers market, or tv show. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! An exact recipe isn’t necessarily what you need- just something that gets your mind thinking. Maybe there’s a special dish you always order at a restaurant you could recreate, or an old family favorite you could track down and make. Just find something that makes you want to get started.

2. Find others who have similar goals or interests. Have a friend who also likes to cook? Or could teach you a few things? Or also wants to eat better? Creating new habits are much easier when you have someone to start with- it makes it more fun and you can build a support system that keeps you accountable.

3. Get rolling… slowly. Small steps! Instead of thinking about making a huge grand recipe as my first dive back into the culinary world, I focused on creating something simple and easy. I just needed to remind myself how fun and delicious a homemade meal can be. Instead of it being overwhelming, it was easy. Slowly I’ll build up to more complex and time-consuming recipes.

4. Create lists. When looking around for recipes, I generally put things in one of two categories: 1) general interest/inspiration and 2) recipes I want to cook NOW. I find it a lot less overwhelming when thinking about to what to cook. And it’s nice to have a longer list you can refer to when you need something new.

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