Chai Crinkle Cookies


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One of my strongest memories of Christmas is my mom’s chocolate crinkle cookies. Given that, plus my mom’s affinity (and mine) to chai tea, I was immediately drawn to these Chai Crinkle Cookies from @nytcooking. To me, these were the perfect Christmas cookie for a few reasons:

  1. The dough is easy and fun to make. Matt and I made the dough together- stress-free and in full on holiday mode. Bonus points for the amazing aromas from the brown butter and spices during the making process.

  2. They have a depth of flavor beyond just sweet. The spices seriously come out in these cookies, which is something I always want in my desserts- yes, sweet, but also packed with other flavors too.

  3. We still have them, and they are still just as good almost a week later (this may be a dangerous thing too)

  4. This flavor isn’t just a Christmas one, meaning I will probably make them again in January…

Chai Crinkle Cookies
Recipe Courtesy of NY Times

Check out the link for the full recipe, as I didn’t change anything to this recipe. Here are a couple of tips based on my experience:

  • Malted milk powder? Yeah, my mom had to really look for that one in the grocery store (she’s a good mom!). Luckily, she eventually found it near the hot chocolate. While I personally didn’t try it without, I read many reviews that it can be omitted without too much change in flavor.

  • Roll the balls in more confectionary sugar than you think- it spreads out a lot, so if you want the full white powder look, it needs to be really covered.

  • I increased the baking time from 12-14 minutes to more like 14-16 minutes.

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